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Search Tips

IN GENERAL: When using a search engine to look for property the less information you enter, the more results you will get. Sometimes that’s what you want. But remember that the search engine can only find the data about the property if it’s been entered. Some agents will not choose to put in a subdivision name, or describe the view, or even label the property a “fixer”. So the more you refine your search, the more you increase the probability that you’ll miss something you’re looking for.

NORTH BAY SEARCH: You can utilize this search for anything in Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Napa, or Mendocino Counties. Just be sure to pick your county and select the towns you’re interested in while at the top of the page.

Would you like an even easier way to search for properties? How about email alerts regarding properties that fit your parameters, and saved searches to make your job easier? Are you tired of rummaging through Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and more? If you are, we can help. We know that in this fast moving market, you don’t want to miss an opportunity. We offer a user friendly search engine that allows you to set parameters and receive optional emails. It’s called MyREAlert and it’s our gift to our clients. You’ll have access to a mirror of the MLS  – updated continually. Most buyers find it takes some of the tension out of the search.


And, we can also set up even narrower parameters for you through our own access to the MLS. We’re happy to do so, and keep you up to date as frequently as you like. Let’s talk about the details and decide how you to make your search productive, focused and stress reduced.

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SAN FRANCISCO SEARCH: When searching the City you definitely want to narrow things down by neighborhood. You will have the opportunity to do this at the top of the page when doing a search. The San Francisco Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has divided the City
into numbered districts to facilitate easier searching. You’ll find an interactive map link below. Each district is then broken up into subdistricts that are identified with a letter. They are as follows:


  • District 1 (Northwest): Sea Cliff (1F), Lake Street(1D), Richmond (Inner (1B), Central (1A), Outer(1E), Jordan Park/Laurel Heights (1C), Lone Mountain (1G)
  • District 2 (West): Sunset (Inner (2F), Central (2E), Outer(2C), Golden Gate Heights (2A), Parkside (2D)
  • District 3 (Southwest): Lake Shore (3A), Lakeside (3E), Merced Manor (3F), Merced Heights (3B), Ingleside (3G), Ingleside Heights (3G), Oceanview (3J)
  • District 4 (Central SW): St. Francis Wood (4G), Forest Hill (4C), West Portal (4T), Forest Knolls (4D), Diamond Heights (4B), Midtown Terrace (4F), Miraloma Park (4H), Sunnyside (4S), Balboa Terrace (4A), Ingleside Terrace (4E), Mt. Davidson Manor (4N), Sherwood Forest (4K), Monterey Heights (4M), Westwood Highlands (4P), Forest Hill Extension (4J), Westwood Park (4R)
  • District 5 (Central): Noe Valley (5C), Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights /Castro/Liberty Hill) (5K), Cole Valley/Parnassus Heights (5E), Glen Park (5A), Corona Heights (5G), Clarendon Heights (5H), Ashbury Heights, Buena Vista Park (5F), Haight Ashbury (5B), Duboce (5J) Triangle, Twin Peaks (5D), Mission Dolores (5M),
  • District 6 (Central North): Hayes Valley (6B), North of Panhandle (NOPA) (6F), Alamo Square (6E), Western Addition (6D), Anza Vista (6A), Lower Pacific Heights (6C)
  • District 7 (North): Pacific Heights (7B), Presidio Heights (7C), Cow Hollow (7D), Marina (7A)
  • District 8 (Northeast): Russian Hill (8E), Nob Hill (8C), Telegraph Hill (8G), North Beach (8D), Financial District/Barbary Coast (8B), North Waterfront (8H), Downtown (8A), Van Ness/ Civic Center (8F), Tenderloin (8J)
  • District 9 (East): SoMa (9F), South Beach (9H), Mission Bay (9D), Potrero Hill (9E), Central Waterfront/Dogpatch (9H), Bernal Heights (9A), Inner Mission (9C), Yerba Buena (9G)
  • District 10 (Southeast): Bayview (10A), Bayview Heights (10k), Excelsior (10C), Portola (10F), Visitacion Valley (10E), Silver Terrace (10G), Mission Terrace (10H), Hunters Point (10J), Crocker Amazon (10B), Outer Mission (10D), Candlestick Point (10M), Little Hollywood (10N)

INTERACTIVE MAP OF SF MLS DISTRICTS  Will let you see the layout of the districts and you can punch in to a street map.